Touch Typing and ability to endure feeling stupid

Touch Typing and ability to endure feeling stupid

2021, Jul 28    

Touch Typing and ability to endure feeling stupid

I have to admit that my touch typing skill is not somthing I can be proud of. Everytime I type, I need to see the keyboard and my index finger will dominate most of the typing.

When I type usually my eyes will looking at the keyboard most of the time and my eyes will jump quickly from one key to another. I have a feeling that such habit will make me getting tired faster and not helping my ADHD tendencies.

As a programmer, and someone who spend a lot of time typing, I think I can be more efficient if I can type with the speed of thought. Maybe if I don’t have to look at the keyboard I can stand longer in front of computer,

I use this post as a way to practice my touch typing skill. I’ve been slowly practice touch typing for a few months now, especially since I obtain a new mechanical keyboard. The progress has been painfully slow. Especially in the beginning where most of the time I need to unlearn and correcting my bad finger habit. I feel suck most of the time but I’m proud with the fact that I still keep going so far.

I believe that someone’s ability to endure feeling stupid for extended period of time will determine his success in learning.

Programmer need to spend a lot of time learning something. There’s always something new and something to learn to keep up with the technology. And when you learn something new, a lot of time you will feel stupid for having a hard time understanding something. This is inevitable because if you dont feel stupid, you are not choosing a worthy subject to learn.